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The Breathe Collection of Morbid Verse

"Just let me breathe....."

Warning! This collection is dark and morbid. If you want something cheery, this is not the place. These poems and ramblings were written in an almost incoherent state in 1994 over a 2 month period when the side effects from Prozac clouded everything good and alive in this world. Many have been left unchanged to remember, hey, things could be worse. The Early Breathe Collection is a set of short, often free-flow and choppy verse from the early stages of the Prozac haze. The other poems listed here have been polished and shaped a bit more. Good luck in the Land of Breathe.


The Growth

This is Therapy?

The Apple Tree

The Arms of the Father

This Fine Chair

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The Early Breathe Collection

©Dobhran 1999