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The Druid Path

Ár nDraíocht Féin

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  • Based in Michigan. Over 400 active members. Website:

  • 29 formal groves and protogroves in the US & Canada.

  • Best known as the offshoot of RDNA by Isaac Bonewits.

  • Neopagan tradition that works with all the various Indo-European pantheons.

  • 1-year Dedicant Program available. Currently revising Study Program past dedicant level. Old program was self paced with an extensive reading list. Extremely academic and historical. Modernized druidry books have been removed from list.

  • ADF has been determined to train a class of pagan clergy, with requirements similar to Christian seminaries. ADF ritual work is highly scripted and ornate.

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The ADF Sigil

  • ADF has a Guild System for specialized training, complete with standards, advisors and guild-specific reading lists.

    The 9 guilds include: Liturgists, Seers, Magicians, Bards, Scholars, Warriors, Healers, Artisans, and Naturalists.

  • There are also several Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) in ADF to meet specific needs.

    The SIG’s are: Alternative Gender & Sexuality SIG, Anthro-Archaeology SIG, Children’s education SIG, Ecology & the Environment SIG, Kitchen Witch’s SIG, Lawspeakers’ SIG, Polyrelationships SIG, Prisoners SIG, Solitaires’ SIG, Technodruids’ SIG.

  • ADF celebrates the following days:

    The 4 solar festivals (Mean Geimredh, Mean earrach, Mean Samradh, Mean Foghamhar), and the Major High Days (Samhain, Oimelc, Beltaine, Lughnasadh)

    Lunar phases are optional and should be based solely on researched traditions of Indo-European cultures, not based on “Wiccan ceremonies with a thin Celtic veneer.”

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Want to know more about ADF?
Read What is ADF? on the ADF website by Isaac Bonewits



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