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The Druid Path

Some Druidic Concepts

Here are various concepts and beliefs from different groups and traditions. These do not represent any one tradition, and not all are believed by each tradition.

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Nature is the Embodiment of the Divine
and should be preserved

Druidry reveres nature and urges its followers to reconnect to the earth. Modern society is disconnected and broken, leading to its destruction of nature. As a result, ecology and environmental activism is an important part of most forms of druidry, especially for the spiritual and fraternal forms.

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Life and Nature are Circles
Human life follows the same cycle of Birth-Death-Rebirth that nature and its seasons do. Everything in this world seems to follow this cycling wheel - the day, the year, a lifetime, even emotions and concepts rise and fade to rise again. This concept is clearly seen in the Celtic Cross or Celtic Wheel.

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All Life is Sacred
The life of a person or animal or plant should not be harmed or taken without due deliberation or regard. One of the myths of druidry is that it believes in human sacrifice. The only accounts of this on record were written by the Romans who were busy conquering the Celts and had no need to make the Druids look sympathetic. Wicker men were probably used for executions of prisoners as opposed to sacrifice. Bones of babies found in fire pits of ritual circles were probably already dead and were burned as part of their funerals.

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Reverence for the Three Kindreds -
The Dead, the Nature Spirits, and the Deities

The Dead are the ancestors. It is believed by many that the knowledge gained by our ancestors is not lost. Through meditation, one can reconnect with the ancestors and relearn those ancient lessons. Even though the ancient druids left little of their ways documented, we can still learn their ways through meditation.

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All Spiritual Paths are Valid
All religions and paths to divinity are valid. None are better than others. One must find the path that is most comfortable. Druidry does not believe in conversion. Druidry, at least in the spiritual form, has no dogma. Either one is called to the Druid path or one is not.


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