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The Druid Path

Druidic Divination

There are 3 types of Druidic mantic work used by the Ovates:

I. Augury
Predictions based on signs and omens. Use of the 4 elements. Tea leaves, watching clouds, bird flight, animal behavior, gazing into fire or pools of water etc.

II. Prophecy
Using no outer methods, channeling higher wisdom in relation to
future events.

III. Divination
Methods to find hidden things, whether intangible or tangible. More sophisticated form of Augury. Ogham, Druid sticks, card sets, etc.

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Modern Druidic divination sets include:

Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

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The Druid Animal Oracle is a powerful card system based on the animal lore of the Celts. The cards are oversized to better exhibit the beautiful and symbol-laden images by Bill Worthington. An excellent tool for meditation, too.


Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray

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The Celtic Tree Oracle is a great way to learn tree lore and explore the ancient Ogham, the Druid's form of writing and early divination. The cards are exquisitely rendered and come in a wooden box.


Celtic Book of the Dead by Caitlin Matthews

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Based on the ancient, epic poem, The Voyage of Maelduin, this card set takes its users on journeys into the Irish Otherworld and back. This set can be used for divination and also shamanic journeying. Even without the cards, the book is a fascinating look at ancient views of the Otherworld. Well worth a look.


Arthurian Tarot by Caitlin and John Matthews

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The Matthews take the standard Tarot format and change in to fit the Arthurian legend. Not a set for Tarot beginners, unless they are well versed in the Grail Tradition. A wonderful tool to help you learn more about the King Arthur legends. A book entitled Hallowquest is available to teach you best how to use the cards and the meanings behind each of the characters from the Arthurian stories.

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