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The Druid Path

The Celtic Pantheon

Here are just a few of the Goddesses and Gods of the Celtic Pantheon, which are important to some forms of Druidry. Please note that there are different names and entirely different deities in the Welsh, Irish, Scottish and British versions of the Pantheon.

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Danu - The Great Mother of the Gods
Danu is so ancient and undefined that little is known of the Great Mother. Most people choose not to deal with her directly as a result.

Dagda - The Good God, the King of the Tuatha de Danaan
Dagda was a performer of great miracles. “All that you promise to do, I shall do myself alone.” He could strike people dead with his club and then reanimate them, but was better known for his comical, grotesque appearance. He was the father of Brighid, among others.

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Brighid - The Exalted One
It is said Dagda had 3 daughters named Brighid, the goddesses of poetry, smithcraft, and healing. Imbolc is held in her honor. A goddess of spiritual guidance, a muse, a mother figure.

Lugh - The Bright One, Many Gifted One, The Long Arm
Like Dagda, Lugh was good at everything. Lughnasad is named for him. He is the image of perfection which we should all strive, it is said. The Samildanach. He is best contacted by those who wish to learn more about physical crafts and skills.

The Morrigan - The Phantom Queen, the Old Veiled One
The Morrigan is a triple goddess made up of the three crone goddesses of war and death. The three goddesses were Badb, Macha and Nemain. The Morrigan meets Dagda every Samhain and they mate. She is often associated with the raven or the black crow. Call upon The Morrigan in times of battle, banishing etc.

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Cernunnos - The Horned God of the Hunt
Cernunnos is usually pictured with antlers and is sometimes seen with a club or sack of coins. Cernunnos is the God most used to represent male fertility, often called upon at Beltaine. He is also the God of animals, the forest and the hunt. Unfortunately, it was his image that was used to portray Satan as a way to frighten people away from the Celtic religion and convert to Christianity.

Tuatha de Danaan
The Tuatha de Danaan is not a deity, but the race of Irish deities, to which most of the ones above belong. This race serves as the divine foundation for all of the Irish traditions.

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Derived from The Celtic Tradition by Caitlin Matthews, Glamoury by Steve Blamires and Celtic Myth & Magic by Edain McCoy

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