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The Druid Path

Many Kinds of Druids!

The Ancient Druid
Celtic spiritual leaders, healers, poets, teachers, mystics, judges. 3 grades - Bard, Ovate, Druid. Sometimes includes proto-Druids that were pre-Celtic, the group that built Stonehenge, etc.

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The Fantasy Druid
Featured in many fantasy novels and role-playing games. Lives in the woods, casts fantastical spells based on nature and healing, shape shifts into animals. Typified by Merlin in kiddie stories.

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The Fraternal Druid
Beginning in 1717, Ancient Order of Druids was founded. Since then, several more British revivalist groups formed, often to this day acting more as a fraternal or charitable group, such as Masons. Usually only men, often Christian. Members have included Winston Churchill to British royalty.

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The Neo-Pagan Druid
The majority of American druid groups, including ADF and Keltria. Neo-pagan. Polytheistic, usually based on Celtic pantheon. Sometimes merge Wicca with Celtic deities. Druidry as earth religion.

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The Reconstructionist Druid
These groups don’t always call themselves “Druids”, and try to recreate the ancient Celtic religion as closely as possible based on the limited historical documentation of the era. Includes IMBAS.

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The Spiritual Druid
Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, in particular. Druidry is seen more as a spiritual philosophy than a religion. Based on ancient teachings and values learned through meditation. Very ecological in orientation. Members include Pagans, Christians and people of other faiths.

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The Hereditary Druid
Family tradition groups. Claims Druidry has been passed down through the generations of the family. Members of these groups must often prove lineage.

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The Goth Druid
Read too many fantasy books or played too many role-plying games. Thinks it’s cool. No serious study.


For a more detailed look at the different kinds of druids,
read What Is A Druid? by Andrew "Bear" Campbell.


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