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The Druid Path

Druidry & Wicca

When comparing the Druid path to the path of the Witch, there are similarities, especially among Neo-Pagan Druids and Wiccans, but also differences in general, as seen below:



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Groves of many

Covens of 13 or less

Celestial Orientation



Ritual - Time of Day

Often Daytime

Often Nighttime

Ritual - Open/Closed

Often Public

Usually Private

Gender Orientation

More Masculine

More Feminine

Use of Magic/Spells

Some to none, varies


High Days

Usually 8 festivals

8 + Lunar Cycles


Usually Polytheistic or Pantheistic

Usually Duotheistic - Goddess & God


For more on the relationship between Druidry and Wicca,
read The Druid Way by Philip Carr-Gomm

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There is also two articles on the OBOD wesite you can read,
Wicca & Druidry and The Harmony of Wicca and Druidry by Donata at The Druid Path.



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