General Admission

General admission
To the freakshow in town
Watch all the young faggots
Go all the way down

Two-for-one tickets
Watch their pain with disgust
Comes one and comes all
Those queers and their lust

Stop by the concession stand
A hot dog or foamy beer?
A fruit cocktail or roast nuts?
An amyl nitrate or two?
No, not you

Some seats in all sections
The plot lurid and sick
Pray that the playwright
Kills those fairies off quick!

A few mezzanines left
Don't miss the plot twist
A Praise-The-Lord virus
Revengeful clenched fist

Standing room only
See so funny a show
Before intermission
Drag queens buried below

Stop by the concession stand
Cheese nachos, Raisinettes?
Ben and Jerry's Rocky Road?
A Naturalube Trojan or two?
No, not you

Act One, now Act Two
Dealt their families a blow
Their families are your families
Pity your panic grows

Big grand finale
They have learned, survived all
But your world did not listen
The stage curtains last fall

ęChikara 1988

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