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The Chikara Collection

Warning! This collection contains some gay-themed poetry and prose.
If you are offended by this kind of material, you may want to skip it
and try The Linked Haiku Odyssey. If you stay, however,
you might just learn something new!




The Face of God

Good Brown Gravy


Essays On Poetry

Edna St. Vincent Millay - Pity Me Not

Theodore Roethke - I Knew A Woman


You are my Friend newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Special Privilege newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Past Embraces newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Pity the Girl newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Ten Little Indians newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Love or Lust newbox.gif (881 bytes)

These Things I Want newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Above the Setting Skies newbox.gif (881 bytes)

General Admission newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Stone as Statue newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Lingers No More

Just Not Proper

River And Sky


Belly Dance

The One I Shouldn't Have

My Mama



Never Let Go


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