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The Druid Path

Book Recommendations

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Finding good books on Druidry and Celtic studies is very difficult in most US bookstores. If you enter the local Waldenbooks or Barnes & Noble you will likely find mainly books from Llewellyn publications. You can always recognize these books by the crescent moon emblem on the bindings. Most of these books are not well researched and are more for fun than serious study. There are exceptions, however, including the two bookslisted here by Steve Blamires. Most of the better books on the Druids and modern Druidry are written today by British authors whose works are often hard to find in these stores. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, you can order any book in print from such online bookstores like

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Here's a list of some of the better books on Druidry and two books to definitely avoid. The two books at the bottom by Douglas Monroe are found in almost every bookstore and are very popular. However, they are very offensive. Be warned. Now on with the good books!


Recommended Books

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Berresford Ellis, Peter
The Druids
ISBN: 0-80284-158-9

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The best historical book available on the ancient Druids. A must read for anyone wanting to research what the Druids were really like back then.

Blamires, Steve
Glamoury: Magic of the Celtic Green World ISBN: 1-56718-069-8

glamoury.gif (9149 bytes)

Fascinating book with sections on the major Celtic Gods and Goddesses. My favorite section, however, is the end of the book which focuses on the 4 Celtic fire festivals. Mr. Blamires details very elaborate rituals for each of these with extensive histories of each festival. Excellent! Can't believe it is a Llewellyn book! Even ADF recommends it.

Blamires, Steve
Celtic Tree Mysteries, Secrets of the Ogham
ISBN: 1-56718-070-1

treemystery.gif (12344 bytes)

Interesting book on the trees of the Ogham. Similar to the Celtic Tree Oracle, but more detailed on each specific tree. Enjoyable reference tool.

Carr-Gomm, Philip & Stephanie
Druid Animal Oracle
ISBN: 0-67150-300-6

druidanimal.gif (12660 bytes)

The Druid Animal Oracle is a powerful card system based on the animal lore of the Celts. The cards are oversized to better exhibit the beautiful and symbol-laden images by Bill Worthington. An excellent tool for meditation, too. The hardbound book is also full of animal lore.

Carr-Gomm, Philip
Elements of the Druid Tradition
ISBN: 1-86204-031-1

druidtradition.gif (13809 bytes)

Short, quick and easy introduction into the Druids and the modern version of the religion. Excellent book for beginners and as a quick reference tool. It is very much written in the OBOD sense of Druidry.

Carr-Gomm, Philip
The Druid Way
ISBN: 1-85230-365-4

druidway.gif (14609 bytes)

My personal favorite book! An absolute must for anyone interested in Druidry. I cannot recommend this book highly enough! Not a how-to book at all. It is the documentation of a spiritual journey. If you want to know how Druidry can impact your life today, this is the book. Highly moving!

Carr-Gomm, Philip (editor)
The Druid Renaissance
ISBN: 1-85538-480-9

druidren.jpg (7400 bytes)

Interesting digest of many articles on modern Druidry. All major topics are covered by the top people in field. Up-to-date book about being a Druid in the 1990's. Very good reading!

Evert Hopman, Ellen
A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year ISBN: 0-89281-501-9

druidherbal.gif (15294 bytes)

Fascinating resource for anyone interesting in herbal lore. Not only does Evert Hopman go into medical uses of the herbs, she also looks into each herb's magical properties. Also includes a brief introduction to Druidry as a whole.

Matthews, Caitlin
Celtic Book of the Dead
ISBN: 0-312-07241-4

celticdead.gif (2736 bytes)

Based on the ancient, epic poem, The Voyage of Maelduin, this card set takes its users on journeys into the Irish Otherworld and back. This set can be used for divination and also shamanic journeying. Even without the cards, the book is a fascinating look at ancient views of the Otherworld. I was mesmerized by it. Well worth a look.

Matthews, Caitlin
Elements of the Celtic Tradition
ISBN: 1-86204-028-1

celtictradition.gif (12094 bytes)

Short, precise introduction to the Celtic belief system, including the Celtic pantheon. A perfect beginner book when paired with Elements of the Druid Tradition by Philip Carr-Gomm. A good, fast read.

Matthews, John (editor)
The Bardic Source Book
ISBN: 0-71372-664-4

bardicsource.gif (12029 bytes)

Matthews, John (editor)
The Druid Source Book
ISBN: 0-71372-710-1

druidsource.gif (14528 bytes)

Excellent compilation of the available texts on the Druids from Roman times on through the centuries. Sometimes dry, but worth the effort!

Nichols, Ross
The Book of Druidry
ISBN: 1-85538-167-2

bookdruidry.gif (13815 bytes)

This book was published after Ross Nichol's death, being pieced together from his notes by Philip Carr-Gomm and John Matthews. Nichols was the founder of OBOD and this book is an interesting look into his views. Enlightening, but sometimes difficult to understand.

Piggott, Stuart
The Druids
ISBN: 0-50027-363-4

druidspiggott.gif (17265 bytes)

An excellent historical review of the ancient druids. It used to be the best available, but Peter Berresford-Ellis' book by the same title has now eclipsed it. Mr. Piggott's dislike of the Druids comes through in the writing. Still good, historical information.

Stewart, R.J.
Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses
ISBN: 0-71372-113-8

celticgods.gif (13435 bytes)

A nice compendium of the Celtic pantheon by a respected writer. Well researched and worth your time.


Books to Avoid

pantheon.gif (1916 bytes)

Monroe, Douglas
The 21 Lessons of Merlyn
ISBN: 0-87542-496-1

21lessons.gif (17530 bytes)

This book is probably the most popular book out today on Druidry. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact it is usually the only book on the shelf in the bookstore! In my opinion, and many others, it is highly sexist and racist and his fascination with blond, blue-eyed little boys is more than disturbing. Avoid like the plague!

Monroe, Douglas
The Lost Books of Merlyn
ISBN: 1-56718-471-5

lostmerlin.gif (14417 bytes)

The recent sequal to 21 Lessons of Merlyn. I have heard it is equally offensive. I will not read it however, having wasted enough money on Monroe's books. More rubbish.

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