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The Druid Path

Druidry & Christianity

  • OBOD’s Druidry acts as a bridge between Paganism and Christianity.

  • The early form of the Celtic Christian church was still connected to Nature and the mysteries it held.

  • Both Christianity and Druidry “deal essentially with the same mystery: the waxing and waning of the powers of light - its eternal triumph as it is continually resurrected from its apparent death, and its immanence with each one of us as the Christ Child or Mabon.”

  • Both use crosses as symbols. Interestingly, the Celtic Cross was enclosed by a circle, for spirit, the turning of the wheel. The Circle is the Feminine, to the spokes’ angular Masculine. The Christian Cross elongated the Masculine and shrank the Feminine until it was usually gone completely.

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  • Modern Druidry expands the Christian Holy Family to include the Mother and the Daughter, reestablishing the feminine to deity, once again creating a balance.

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Want to know more about this topic?
Read Christianity & Druidry: A Meeting Point by Philip Carr-Gomm at The Druid Path on the OBOD website.


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