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Dobhran = Otter in Gaelic!

Dobhran - Gaelic for "Otter".
In Druidry, the Otter teaches us to play, to relax,
to not take things so seriously,
to let things just roll off our backs...

A Linked Haiku Odyssey

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The ultimate Bardic trip. Poetry,
philosophy, music and art...


The Druid Path

OBOD sigil

Take a journey down the Druid Path

Other Verse & Prose

Take the flower to the Poetry section.

4 Collections of Poetry & Prose
by me, my alter egos & other writers

The World of Tarot

The Fool  The Tower

Let the power of the Tarot
give you insight into you life...


ICQ Greeting Cards

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Online greetings to send your friends
on the holidays, or just for fun!


...On-line Java games and merriment!


Dobhran...a Bio

What's his problem?

A bit of this & a bit of that about me.

Gateway To Other Worlds

Oh, the moon!

Links to other sites -- sites on Druidry, Gaming, resources and more!

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Or contact me through e-mail at dobhran@bigfoot.com.

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