Once upon a time...


A ducky found a colorful egg!

A ducky found a special colored egg!
"What could be inside?!" asked the wee chicks.
"Let's wait and see!" said the ducky.



And what was in that egg?

So they waited and waited...
And when the egg hatched,
All the chicks were so surprised!



Was it the Easter Bunny?

"Is it the Easter Bunny?" they excitedly asked the ducky.
"Is he going to bring us marshmallow eggs and gummy jelly beans?"
"Don't forget the pink plastic grass and a basket!"
The ducky reminded the chicks.



No, just a tricky chick with rabbit ears!

But in the end, there was no Easter Bunny that day.
The ducky smelled a rat...or rather, a chick.
A tricky chick with bunny ears!
"You know the Easter Bunny only comes on Easter," the ducky said.
"And Easter is still a day away!"


egg.gif (9327 bytes)Happy Easter!egg.gif (9327 bytes)


May the Easter Bunny bring you a lot of pink plastic grass, too!

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