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Grove of Dobhran Presents:

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Dobhran's Gr-r-reetings! are totally free online Greetings
you can send your friends, family and loved ones! Enjoy!
Be sure to add us to your Bookmarks or Favorites!

Check out the new Greetings! ..... HEY BUDDY! ... I COUNT THE WAYS ... & ... WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

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I Will Romance Greeting newbox.gif (881 bytes)
Independence Day
July 4,Holiday Greetingnewbox.gif (881 bytes)
Fourth Of July (JAVA)
July 4, Holiday newbox.gif (881 bytes)
Hey Buddy!
Friendship Greeting newbox.gif (881 bytes)
The Best Teacher Ever
Inspiration Greeting
I Count The Ways
Friendship Greeting
What You Make It!
Memorial Day
May 31, Holiday Greeting

1. Hello! Friendship Greeting newbox.gif (881 bytes)
2. Sea of Friends Friendship Greeting
3. You Are My Friend Friendship Greeting
4. Hugs To You!
Friendship Greeting newbox.gif (881 bytes)
This Dragon's for You Friendship/Romance
6. My Online Friend
Friendship Greeting
7. A Friend is a Treasure
Friendship Greeting

Gr-r-reetings Categories!
(click the category's logo to enter!)

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Holiday Category!
From New Years all the way to Xmas!

UPCOMING: Memorial Day May 31newbox.gif (881 bytes)
UPCOMING: Father's Day June 20

b-friendship.gif (6385 bytes)
Friendship Category!
Turn new friends into best buddies...

PICK: A Friend Like You
POPULAR: You! You! You! You!

b-romance.gif (5773 bytes)
Romance Category!
From new attraction to true love...

PICK: You Are My Universe
POPULAR: When We Met

b-occasions.gif (6054 bytes)
Occasions Category!
Birthdays to Anniversaries, Get Well to Graduation...

A Get Well Tune newbox.gif (881 bytes)
POPULAR: Happy Birthday newbox.gif (881 bytes)

b-humor.gif (5982 bytes)
Humor Category!
"Best of the Net" funnies & real-life blunders. No vulgar jokes!
PICK: Our Daily Chicken
newbox.gif (881 bytes)
PICK: The Divorce newbox.gif (881 bytes)
POPULAR: Duct Tape Won't Fix That!

b-inspire.gif (5399 bytes)
Inspiration Category!
Timely events & "Best of the Net" stories

PICK: Someone Who Understands
POPULAR: A Prayer For Kosovo

b-games.gif (7083 bytes)
Game Category!
Java-based games built into Greetings!

PICK: Been Searching For You!
newbox.gif (881 bytes)
POPULAR: Hit Me, Baby!
Black Jack

b-celtic.gif (3830 bytes)
Celtic Category!
The eight festivals of the Ancient Celts!

PICK: Festival of Beltaine
POPULAR: Festival of Spring Equinox

To send the Greetings via E-Mail, use the convenient new E-mail form. Look for the "Click to E-MAIL"
button at the bottom of each Greeting! With ICQ, click on the person's name you want to send it
to then select WEB PAGE ADDRESS (URL). Add your message and send!

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Make sure to visit the rest of the Grove of Dobhran for free Java games, Tarot, poetry, Druidry,
and the grand Linked Haiku Odyssey, a true Bardic journey! Too fun!

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