The Growth

There is a growth inside my brain
A malignant tumour I shan't explain
Please let me 'neath seraphic knife
And free myself from woeful pain

There is a gremlin inside my head
Filling my skull with unholy dread
Please free me from this mutagen
My life, its mana until I'm dead

There are dull daggers inside my mind
Using grey matter on which to grind
Please, I'm not a whetting stone
But the serrations are almost shined

There are perversions linside each thought
Despite true diligence with which I've fought
Please release me from these atrocities
Don't let my fray be all for naught

There is a menace inside my soul
It thrusts my hull upon every shoal
Please rescue my soon sinking shell
I'm slipping down this daemon's hole

There is a chill inside my heart
A gelid fetter there from the start
Please help me pump Life's giving brew
My frosted spirit these shores depart

©Breathe 1994

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