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Gateway to Other Worlds

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Druidry Groves, Orders & Resources

  • OBOD - Home of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. In the UK and abroad. 7000+ members and refined correspondence course.
  • Keltria - Home of the Henge of Keltria, a major Celtic Druidry organization in the USA. 700+ members.
  • Ár nDraíocht Féin - ADF is a Indo-European centered druid order based in USA. Quite hierarchical and academic. 500+ members.
  • DROOP - The Druidical Order of Ovates and Poohbahs - great druidic satire! Don't miss it!
  • Caledonii Grande Tradition - Druidry, Celtic Wicca and Celtic Christianity located in Upstate South Carolina.
  • Clannada na Gadelica - Gaelic Traditionalist Resource & Mail List Page.
  • Druidism Networking Page - A small but growing networking resource.

Favorite Pagan Resources

Tarot Resources

Computer Gaming and Role-Playing

  • GameSpot - Complete PC gaming resource with reviews, news, hints, features and more.
  • GameCenter.Com - C|Net's gaming page. News, strategy and reviews.
  • Game Pen's PC RPG Group Therapy - great summary of discussions on Usenet's RPG news group.
  • The Realm - My online role-playing home! Great fantasy game for all ages.

MIDI Music Resources

Graphics Resources

  • Background Mania! - By  Abra! Web Magic. Fantastic background textures for web pages.
  • Strange Benedictions - A wonderful collection of medieval style GIF images.

    Friends of the Grove of Dobhran

  • Mystical Garden - Mystical's homepage. A very special lady.
  • Lady Graci - My role-playing cohort. I created her home page as a project in an early HTML class I took. A great friend!
  • Lady Eleanor - Page of another role-playing goddess I know and love.
  • Bleddynn's Home Page - He's Norse! Beware his mighty hammer!


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