Evoke Change

Just be!
Answers lay within me.

Nail biting habits
clutch My Worries
till my fingertips burn with hurt.

Stop!-I want to stop-oh- I want to start a new.
Why is so hard to accept change?

Resistance due to prior circumstance.
My Stubbornness-does not render'd or want to see.

Provoke thee, My Happy Willingness.
I desert fear and insert

My Cognitive distortions can range
My Silence Tears, Evoke Change.
My Life is not a toy.

My spirit is not to be used
by past predator's lack of
good hearted capacity.

My Strong
Determination insightfully
transforms-my Soul's purpose.
I wish to create positively.
and Evoke Change
from within.

Till what ever form that may be!

ŠVivian M Muska, May 8, 1997

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