She Is...

My energy She Is pushing forthright and knows
She Is…Connecting with the universe.

My spirit, She Is …carrying my weight
against the gravity in day or night.

I streamline throw like an Orca that is feeding in season on
a shore of unwilling Harbor Seals.

She Is …creating, within a paper’s crisp edge.
She Is…writing to communicate to the sea.

In my soul I sing -She Is… Womankind.
She Is feeling and She Is …dancing in me.

Like waves that rush in (where a killer whale slaps its tail and tosses her live meal.)
So does thee. There in my washed up heart, My Love, "There She be!"

She spouts and sprays, "In time inner self does heal all of life’s mysteries."
She Is the (fools) that rush in -where love can not see.

(She Is… the splash!)
She Is… the passion in my lesbian love making.

In my soul I sing -She Is… Womankind.
She is …feeling and She is… dancing in me.

She Is… swimming with an Orca’s force,
Sensual, natural, She Is …desire in my mind.

My energy, She Is …strong, made not gay in one day!
She is …humanity, lovely.

This woman
She Is …Me.

In my soul I sing -She Is …Womankind
She Is…feeling and She Is…dancing in me.

ŠVivian M Muska, May 1997

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