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A Linked Haiku Odyssey


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The Linked Haiku Odyssey is a multimedia adventure combining poetry, philosophy, music and art.

It is highly recommended that you have your PC monitor's resolution set to 800x600 to see each part of the Odyssey as it is intended to be displayed. Also, if you are using Netscape, make sure you have a Plug-In for MIDI music playback for best effect.

On the poetry screens, to move ahead in the Odyssey, click on the Angel, like the above one, when it appears. all other pages will advance you forward in the experience automatically.

I hope you enjoy the Linked Haiku Odyssey,
The Ultimate Bardic Trip!

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To visit the individual poems of the Odyssey again, follow the links to them below.


The Linked Haikus of the Odyssey


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the River

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Needy World Order

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The Garden Circle

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Fruit of the Soul

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Two Stones

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In Feathered Bed

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The Journey

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