The little girl
With unkept curls
She rides the Ferris Wheel.
Up, down and round
The mem'ries pound
She bleeds but cannot feel.
"Let's all go
To the County fair
Where sunny girls
And happy boys
Can live
Without a care"
When taken out
She'll never pout
She rides the bumper cars.
When at the Fair
She knows to wear
A smile atop the scars.
She stands up straight
Accepts her fate
She rides the Tilt-A-Whirl.
When in the town
They all look down
Abuse and anguish swirls.
"Such a bad little girl
Bend over my knee
It's time to pay your fee.
I'll get my kicks
With forty licks
And then you'll obey me!"
A Daddy's girl
When fists unfurl
She ride's the Logger's Flume.
All dressed in lace
She'll find a place
Inside a forgotten tomb.
"Let's all go
To the County Fair
Where happy girls
And sunny boys
Can live
Without a care"

ęChikara 1995

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