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Goofy Mergers


A number of years ago there was a proposed merger between Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers. Rumor had it that the new company would be called:

Fairwell Honeychild

There is a merger in the works involving Polygraph Records, Warner Brothers and Keebler. It will be called:


There has long been a rumor that W. R. Grace Co. was going to buy the Fuller Brush Co. and Mary Kay Cosmetics and then merge with the Hale Business Systems. This would result in the new mega-corporation:

Hale Mary Fuller Grace

Don't forget the failed merger between Yahoo and Netscape:


It didn't work out because they were afraid they would have to relocate the headquarters to Tel Aviv.

Others in the works:

-3M & Goodyear = mmmGood

-John Deere & Abitibi-Price = Deere Abi

-Honeywell & Imasco & Home Oil = Honey, I'm Home

-Denison Mines & Alliance & Metal Mining = Mine, All Mine

-3M & JC Penney & Canadian Opera Company =
3 Penney Opera

-Grey Poupon & Dockers Pants = Poupon Pants

-Knott's Berry Farm & National Organization of Women =
Knott NOW

-Crabtree & Evelyn and Apple Computer = Crab Apple

-Swissair & Cheseborough-Ponds = Swiss Cheese

-Zippo Manufacturing & Audi & Dofasco & Dakota Mining = Zip Audi Do Da

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