Spring Equinox, March 21st

The Festival ofAlban Eiler - Spring Equinox


In balance are the stars and sun
Rejoice! The Father Sun has won
We know the fertile Spring's begun
On this our Alban Eiler day

Snow melts 'round young Nature's toil
Pushing life through the thawing soil
The daffodil, tulip and trefoil
On this our Alban Eiler day

The shamrock with its leaves of three
Like a blessed triple goddess be
Or earth and fire and ether free
On this our Alban Eiler day

- Dobhran, 1999


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Glad Bringer of brightness, hail!
    Maiden of Grace, lad of Laughter.
Gifts of vigor are returning,
    Spring's surprise, rainbow's embrace.
Quickened be the heart within us,
    Opened be our souls to grace,
May the blessing be abiding,
    Welcome sit in every face.

- Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional


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May Your Alban Eiler
Be a Blessed One!


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©Dobhran 1999


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