Little Girl

The huge metal creature flattened the farmers wheat field leaving a trail of broken stems and imbedded massive tire tracks in the moist ground. A days work done for a farmer. Driving home in his Michigan tractor that was used for digging out dirt, the father let his five year old daughter sit in the front of the tractor in the big scoop.

From a distance the yellow Michigan and its large bucket looked like a prehistoric descendent. In the cold steel mouth sat a little girl -holding a handful of Wild Bluebell flowers. The orange sunset across the farmland reflected off the window of the ironware beast and the farmer disappeared behind the glass eye of the Michigan tractor. Yet, the small girl did not fear this machine. Her face owned a precious smile that protected her fears. Her dark eyes projected happiness because she was bringing Wild Bluebells for her mother. Her dad controlled the monster tractor and the little girl knew this.

The crickets danced and sang in harmony as the Michigan bellowed its mechanical outbursts. The father had a cherry middle aged face. He commanded the yellow creature to lower its head and release his little girl from its clutches. The dad waved at his gay daughter and motioned her to run the rest of the way home. She ran through the high grass holding her Wild Bluebells and with her other small hand fought off the many mighty mosquitoes of the praires, while the Michigan retraced its steps threw the farmer’s field back to where it came from.

The End

ŠVivian M Muska, Dec.1996

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