Body of Water

To dwell over the ocean's delicacy.
I envision lightly touching and letting fall
between my fingers the salty body
of this complex liquid mass.

Must nature have such power to take,
The Seven Seas', entity and transform
Her into Humanity?`

Water crystals of blues and shadows of green
reflect upon me.

I kneel down amongst the smooth washed up
shoreline and saver the tide's
breezy aftertaste.

I press my guided hand onto the jagged barnacles,
covered with moist sea weeds. Their sounds of long
awaiting weeping, to open and close,

My aroused body longs for the sea's vitality
to come in.

There is an overcast of gentle mist that caresses
the distant mountainous peeks.
The Waters depth has called and drawn
in my being.

Beneath my feet lies marbled pebbles and warm, dampen sand.
I embrace her smile; walk without haste.

My how I dreamt of Ocean's delicacy,
Her Humanity!

Body of Water

ŠVivian M Muska, Dec.1995

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