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The Vivian Muska Collection
of Verse & Art

Warning! Some of the following poetry contains lesbian themes. If you are offended by such, visit another collection. If not, welcome to the world of Vivian Muska. Vivian is an active poet and artist. She recently published and edited Share Wisdom: A Poetry Anthology, a poetry collection by gay, lesbian and bisexual poets as a fundraiser for AIDS research and cat rescue. This collection contains some of her favourite poems as well as some of her artwork. Enjoy.

Whale Song

Stable of Love

Sun Flower

Evoke Change

Body of Water

Little Girl

She Is...

Her Dance of Fire

Heaven's Scent

Time Will Tell

Some Words from Vivian: I would like to dedicate my poems to my parents and my real friends: Adam (Dobhran), Val, Sandy, Linda, Denise,and Tomchuk, also to my special children friends who are Kevin(12) and Joshua(6).Lastly, to my dog (Jodie) and my cats (Mugs, Smarties and Sunshine).I must thank Dobhran for giving this opportunity to share my poems on his web site. Otherwise, I would not have the chance to do this. Thanks Dobhran for being a great writer and for being a great friend! (Hi Denise!)

©Dobhran 1999