Adam Mayo

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74 Forest Drive
Travelers Rest, S. Carolina

United States



IRC Nick: Dobhran

ICQ: Chikara 2138367

Fiction Writer
Computer Consultant


Father to an old, grumpy
chinchilla named Rex

Into Role-playing games
Web Site design
Alternative Lifestyles
Celtic & Asian Cultures
Hiking & Camping
Tarot & Other Divination
Writing Poetry & Stories
and Eating Spicy Food!

Personal Web Site:
The Grove of Dobhran
Writing Web Site:
Chikara's World

You know Dobhran, from the Druid Animal Oracle...the Otter, the furry critter that swims around in the pond, spiraling his body around and around in play. That's me. Having the time of my life letting the wonders of the world around me fill me and make me just want to frolic around without a care.

I wasn't always like the otter. No, my old chosen name was Chikara. Chikara means inner strength in Japanese. It helped me get over a lot of hard times and hurdles over the years, but it turned me very cautious and serious. Not a jolly fella at all.

The more I worked with the Druid Animal Oracle, the more Dobhran kept jumping out of the deck and into my spreads. "Look at me and heed me and play with me!" he called out over and over. He was right. I needed him. Soon an Inuit carved otter was on my altar, front and center. it was just a matter of time I adopted "Dobhran" as my chosen name, too.

Dobhran is kind of like OBOD. Both keep seeping into my every action and reaction to the events in my life. Since I have been studying the Gwers and exploring other aspects of druidry, I find myself calmer, more at peace, more in tune with the world around me. I have steadily simplified my life in all aspects and become much more happy. My friends and family are amazed.

OBOD has become a central theme in my life and has awakened a side of me I never knew existed. I have loved the Bardic Course and am looking forward to moving into Ovate and beyond.