Time Will Tell

I can tell the age of a mighty tree.
Its rings of endurance faint with earth’s disasters.
Nevertheless, I see the Red Wood’s solid core, encircled in time.

Aged wrinkles surround the timber.
Its weathered bark, a protector for everyone to see …
especially for me!

Time passes through distance landscape.
How strong are its seasoned leaves that overshadow me?
I reflect and wish and dream. My fears scream with tears.
Weaken, I stand and I can not escape.
Still, the tree stands proudly facing thee.
Its ruff branches enclose my being.
And I listened to a husky whisper from the mighty tree’s top,
"Don’t be numb to my simple beauty, just feel and
Time Will Tell!"

ŠVivian M Muska, October 31, 1996

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