The Pickle Song

Pickles are so firm
Pickles are so crunchy
Do you have a pickle
For when I need a munchie?

Bananas are so shapely
Bananas I unpeel
Do you have a banana
For when I crave a meal?

A sausage is so spicy
a sausage is so meaty
Do you have a sausage
For your hungry little sweetie?

I like my chefs
Built big and strong
That type can cook no wrong

I love my food
Especially long
That's why I sing this song

So come and taste
My Egg Foo Yong
We'll dine the whole night long!

So give me your big kosher dill
That crunchy, tasty pickle
'Cause that's what I'm a itchin' for
I need that pickle tickle!

ŠJulia! 1994

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