The canyon moans
A serpent's song
Dead in its imagery
Fractured hopes
Soulless spirit
Mercenary in its call

The path twists right
The fool trips left
Murky Venetians now shut
Torn flesh pours none
The screams won't come
Give up now child...

The Wall

The wall
Plaster, boards, brick
Sturdy against the elements
Strong; no insulation--
Cold blizzard ice
I am in the wall
No pick ax to crack
To whack
Pinned I cry--why?
Paint me
Paper me
Cover up my contortions
I am the wall
Or at least I'm inside you
I am shade
I am the wind break
I hide you from the foe
Paint me
Warm hues
Thaw the arctic mass
Of my
But you are black
And steel
A demolition ball


Peripheral vision
Laid to rest
Of a life no more
Experiences and pleasures
Withheld with no longing
I wait
I breathe
I'm dead

I've entered the tunnel
With no light at the end
But with now cares
I keep moving on
This road that I follow
All straight-aways
Never a hill
Nor a bend
Never the rain
Never the thrill
No wind in my sail
Or my hair
But do I care?
I want to
But my head is unaware
In this tunnel

This is the tunnel
This is the hell
My gift
From one little pill
A smiley pill
A happy pill
Without joy
I live for my Prozac
I'm dead withmy friend

No cares
No vision
No stress
No ecstasy
No love
Except for that pill
My tunnel


Pulling up
Foot hold
I must
Kick up
and over
I must
I must pray


I'm breathing in the fumes
Of a life that never will be
Though it dances all around
Each person, each pet
Fuming and polluting
Spilling real life
All around
Near my head
Real life
While I spiral down that tunnel
Spinning and falling
Yet never moving an inch

Post Mortem

Waking in the dawn
To find the sheets gone
A rubber bag taking their place
Post mortem
The juice carton is empty
The TwoScoops all gone
Just mother saying,
"Good mortem!"
The tunnel I tread
Now comes to an end
No bowl of Crispy Wheats
Before I'm dead
Post mortem


Eternity looms
Like a carrot on a stick
Whetting my tastebuds
For Heaven
I can see the streets
Golden at his feet
My day is coming
I'll finish this race
An angelic greyhound
Or a fiery Hellhound?
If I wake up in flames
I die

Spiraling Spiraling

(to the tune of Caroling, Caroling)

Spiraling spiraling
Down I go
My moods are really swinging
Spiraling spiraling
To and fro
My nerve ends are stinging
Sing me now this murky song
For my health is almost gone
Ding Dong
Ding Dong
Death's alarm is ringing

Death Spiral

Every time I sit
I spin
My head and mind
In an endless
Flying Camel
I look in the mirror
And all I ever see
Is a Lutz
A Double Lutz even!
What a life!
Always Triple Looping
And falling on my
I can't even tell
A sow
From a cow
I got all 6.0's
In Artistic Merit
But in the Technicals
I only saw
Oh, how I spin
In a Death Spiral
With no partner
To pull me out

Sweet Smile and Release

(My first Linked Haiku, unfortunately!)

Leather in hand
Striking your flesh, no mercy
Sweet smile and release

Painfully pleading
Seared flesh welting yet laughing
The pleasures know more

No top, just bottom
Cords and bindings, cuffs and lace
Masterfully served


White in swirls
Gray in misty beckoning
Nothing to see
No one to hold on to
In this fog
Rocks and crags
Introduce themselves
A little too late
Bloody welcoming
Coating the goosebumps
Dropping like tears
Tears in the water glass
Of Hades kitchen
A warning call
Something to cling to
But the fog is master
And the world has gone home
But you don't know
The Way
And in rigor mortis
You lay

Down Down Down

Down down down
To the depths below
Far far far
'Neath the ground I go
What comes next
I do not know
Down down down
To the depths below

Who will miss me?
Who will care?
Who will mourn me?
Who will dare?

Down down down
To the depths below
Deep deep deep
With the worms I go
Dust to dust
Helps the plants grow
Down down down
To the depths below

Will they pray for me?
Will they cry?
Will they laugh at me
When I die?

Down down down
To the depths below
far far far
'Neath the ground I go

Heart of the World

I'm holding my hand out
To the heart of the world
begging for mercy
For comfort
For grace
the moon rises over
As all the heavy feast
But for one small scrap
Just one healing morsel
I'm begging for charity
For safety
For peace
My day is now ending
My tasks left undone
Dreams unfulfilled
And all my hopes maimed
I'm holding my hand out
to the heart of the world
Begging for mercy
For comfort
For one last chance...

All ©Breathe 1994

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