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The Druid Path

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Welcome to the Druid Path.

You have just begun an introduction into druidry as it is practiced around the world today.  There are numerous variations that are popular, and this introduction will look at each of the most common. The major Druid orders will be examined, as well as many of the druidic concepts taught in them. Enjoy your journey!

Each of the following sections will lead sequentially into the next,
or you can return here to pick and choose which topics
you wish to view.


I. Many Kinds of Druids

II. Some Druidic Concepts

III. Major Druid & Celtic Organizations

IV. Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids

V. Henge of Keltria

VI. Ár nDraíocht Féin

VII. The Three Druidic Grades

VIII. The Celtic Pantheon

IX. Wheel of the Year

X. Druidic Divination

XI. Druid Animal Lore

XII. Druid Tree Lore & The Ogham

XIII. Druidry & Wicca

XIV. Druidry & Christianity

XV. Book Recommendations

XVI. Druidic Links


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