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Dobhran's ICQ Greetings

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Send these URL's to your ICQ friends, or to friends on your E-Mail list!
I'll be adding new Greetings as the year goes by. Enjoy!

newbox.gif (881 bytes)To send the Greetings via E-Mail, use the convenient new E-mail form.
Look for the "Click to E-MAIL" button at the bottom of each Greeting!newbox.gif (881 bytes)

With ICQ, click on the person's name you want to send it to then select
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Current Events

A Prayer For Kosovo newbox.gif (881 bytes)



Happy Easter Apr 4

Earth Day Apr 22 newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Cinco de Mayo May 5 newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Mother's Day May 9 newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Father's Day June 20 newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Fourth of July

Happy Halloween Oct 31

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas Dec 25

Be My Valentine Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Feb 14

St. Patrick's Day Mar 17


Celtic Holidays

Beltaine May 1 newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Summer Solstice Jun 21

Lughnasad Aug 1

Autumn Equinox Sep 21

Samhain Oct 31

Yule Dec 21

Imbolc Feb 1

Spring Equinox Mar 21






Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Wells coming soon!

Friendship & Love

Let's Be Friends newbox.gif (881 bytes)

When We Met newbox.gif (881 bytes)

A Friend Like You newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Sea of Friends

A Friend is a Treasure

To My Beloved newbox.gif (881 bytes)

You are my Friend

My Online Friend

This Dragon's for You

Friendship Is...

Best Friend Ever

You're My Universe

I Want You!

You! You! You! You!

I Love You!


Game Greetings!
Greetings w/built-in Java games!

Hit Me, Baby!-BlckJacknewbox.gif (881 bytes)

You're a Blast! - Asteroids

You Bug Me! - Centipede

I Dig You! - Dig Dug

Let's Break the Ice! - Pengo

You Are Warped! - Warp!


More Humor Greetings!
newbox.gif (881 bytes)"Best of the Net" Humor

Only in America...

Out of College Too Long...

What's Y'all's Sign?

Hospital Chart Horrors

Humor Greetings!newbox.gif (881 bytes)
newbox.gif (881 bytes)"Best of the Net" Humor

Great Blonde Gator Hunter

Oh, The Temptation...

Before There Were Computers...

The Weird Mind of
Dan Quayle

Can I Represent Myself? Please?

Do Journalists Actually Know English?

Avenging Yourself Against the Phone Company!

Kids on Love & Marriage

Letter From A Redneck Grandma

Blundered Classified Ads

Eye Halve A Spelling Chequer

The Blonde & The Coke Machine

A Quick Skinnydip

Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven

A Bad Day

Real Life Dilbert-isms

Goofy Mergers

Kids on Religion

Fruit Cake Recipe

Bear Awareness Alert

Four Catholic Ladies

Blonde or Brunette?

Oh, No! Airplane 1999!

Man, Mule or Monkey?

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Make sure to visit the rest of the Grove of Dobhran for free Java games, Tarot, poetry, Druidry, and the grand Linked Haiku Odyssey, a true Bardic journey! Too fun!

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