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"Best of the Net" Humor! Tired of sending out jokes that have been forwarded
a dozen too many times, complete with scads of ">>>" every line?
Send these hand-picked humorous Greetings instead!

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Real-Life Humor
Kids to Bloopers and more...

The Church Bulletin Said What?! newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Do Not Use While Sleeping!

The Weird Mind of
Dan Quayle

Can I Represent Myself? Please?

Do Journalists Actually Know English?

Kids on Love & Marriage

Blundered Classified Ads

A Bad Day

Real Life Dilbert-isms

Kids on Religion

Oh, No! Airplane 1999!

Hospital Chart Horrors

Traditional Jokes
From Setup To Punchline...

Our Daily Chicken newbox.gif (881 bytes)

BIG Trouble! newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Hair of the Dog newbox.gif (881 bytes)

The Fishing Trip newbox.gif (881 bytes)

The Divorce newbox.gif (881 bytes)

The Blonde Kidnapper newbox.gif (881 bytes)


God Bless Taxis?

Great Blonde Gator Hunter

Oh, The Temptation...

Letter From A Redneck Grandma

The Blonde & The Coke Machine

A Quick Skinny Dip

Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven

Fruit Cake Recipe

Bear Awareness Alert

Four Catholic Ladies

Blonde or Brunette?

Man, Mule or Monkey?

Funny Commentaries
Lists to Observations to Monologues...

World's Shortest Books newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Words for the 1990's newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Duct Tape Won't Fix
newbox.gif (881 bytes)

Before There Were Computers

Avenging Yourself Against the Phone Company!

Eye Halve A Spelling Chequer

Goofy Mergers

Only in America...

Out of College Too Long...

What's Y'all's Sign?



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